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Working Environment

Almost every day, you take same route to work, greet to your colleagues walking by, wish them well and spend more time on gossips and complains than your using your abilities and talents. You have all worked at places that you are less than excited to get up in the mornings and go to; these are terrible feelings. Say NO to them when you choose to work at Boehner Event. 

The company is located in CBD of Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone which is featured the latest amenity and convenience that leads you to draw close to the tidal current front and keeps your pace with times. Mystery and diversity of next day will erase your tiredness and emotional conflict to work when you wake up in the morning. 

Enjoy your favorite songs while you are on the bus, listen to the radio for the latest news while you are driving, or breathe the fresh air while you are walking; then we all arrive at Boehner Event with an optimistic attitude toward the future.

Office Life


The first impression that leaves you when you enter into our office is the beautiful sea view although it is located in CBD. Then you may realize it is decorated by green plants on each table. Orange is dominant color, which was chosen by our girls, who thought it represents health, happiness and brightness 


A dining-table is not only a simple table for having food but also a place where the inspiration and creativity come out. We will open a bottle of champagne or wine from the cabinet to celebrate if our achievement is greater than our expectation. You may give yourself a pot of green tea or a cup of coffee with some cookies and snacks to refresh your mind and energize your body when you starting studying on the white celling. 


Most importantly, insurance and housing fund for all employee are a must that we will provide. We also arrange an outward bound once a year in order to improve the cooperation of our team. 

If you love our working environment and office life and you think your talent can be used here just a few clicks by your mouse and your CV will be read by us.


In a team-oriented environment, you contribute to the overall success of the company. You work with your colleagues whose experience and idea will inspire you and help you to produce excellent results. Even though you have a specific job function and you belong to a specific department, you are unified with other people in the company to accomplish the overall objectives. The bigger picture drives your actions; your function exists to serve the bigger picture.

  • Event Coordinator 


    Anyone interested in becoming an event coordinator should start thepath by knowing that it is not party planning. This is the case whether you'reconsidering a path with social events or corporate events. The final programmay appear as if the profession is about throwing great parties, but the eventplanning professional focuses on the rationale or goal of having an event, andwhether it is achieved. And the real work is in the details that lead up to theevent.



    • Developing scientific or business content &agendas for conferences and exhibitions

    • Independently work until accomplish a specific eventproject, including speaker recruitment, budgeting, exhibitor and sponsorrecruitment

    • Maintaining good relationships with top-levelgovernment officials and company executives

    • Making report to project leader




    • A degree level with related fields  

    • Ability to multi-task efficiently; exceptionalcreativity; compliance and punctuality with deadlines

    • Good English communication and writing skills 

    • Event planning experience; overseas and conferenceproduction experience is strongly preferred

  • Technician Support 


    As an event organizing company we need some supportive data for ourdecision makers to find out the best solution or method to grow our business.The quantity and quality of collected data will result in the achievement ofeach project.


    This is an exciting job role because you will be the first personto face the latest or the most popular trend and you will never feel that youare lagged behind by times.



    • Data recording andanalyzing

    • Data collecting andclassifying them

    • Damaged or missingdata repairing

    • Reporting tosupervisor every day

    • Receivingassignments of which is allocated by supervisor



    • 1-2 years ofrelevant working experience

    • A basic knowledgeand practice on SEO

    • Ability of diggingdata

    • Excellent Englishlevel in reading 

    • Bachelor’s degree ina related field required