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Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

As a professional chamber and public institution encompassing allsectors of business other than agriculture and crafts, the Chamber of Commercesees its rationale and role as guardian of the interests of its membercompanies. Since these may in some cases pursue divergent sectorial interests,the Chamber of Commerce, in a spirit of fairness to all its members, sees itsprimary mission in the articulation, representation and defense of theinterests of all its members. Sectorial interests are only pursued if they donot conflict with the interests of the other member companies of the Chamber.

Today, the Chamber of Commerce has some 50,000 affiliated members,accounting for 75% of total employment and representing 80% of GDP.

Contributions frommembers constitute the principal financial resource of the Chamber of Commerce.Therefore, the Chamber enjoys financial autonomy



Dalian Associationof Service Outsourcing (DASO)

DASO was founded inOctober 26, 2012 and it is affiliated with Dalian Foreign Trade and EconomicCooperation Bureau and engaged in ITO (IT outsourcing), BPO (business processoutsourcing), KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). It provides services for allthe outsourcing companies and its members by conducting, training and settingup standards. 



Dalian Import &Export of Machinery and Electronic Products Enterprises Association

Dalian Import & Export of Machinery and Electronic ProductsEnterprises Association is a non-government organization which is composed oflocal import and export companies. It is under supervision by Dalian ForeignTrade and Economic Cooperation Bureau and registered in Dalian Civil AffairsBureau.

The association conducts and supervise all related start-upcompanies and help them to grow their business. It is entrusted by localgovernment to analyze data and write report, it organizes its members to attendexhibition both in China and abroad to find out potential opportunities. 



b2fair Concept

The uniqueness of the b2fair – Business to Fairs® concept willpresent companies with prospects to access new markets, establish enduringbusiness relationships, and share their professional experiences on aninternational level. At present, b2fair has become a renowned and powerfulmeasure with the scope to support businesses in their internationalizationprocess and to help them to form new potential partnerships in foreign marketsworldwide.

b2fair « matchmaking» or the professional business networking by excellence

The b2fair ideology is extremely relevant with the trend ofincreasing globalization and competition. The b2fair coordination team organizesmatchmaking events all through the year to provide assistance to organizationsin exploring new business opportunities and finding desired partners especiallyin the current rapidly changing economic environment. This renownedinternational concept is based on the amalgamation of two important marketdevelopment tools which are essential to the expansion of companies aspiring toexplore global market scales.

An interesting combination between international trade fairs andinteractive matchmaking processes gives b2fair the advantage of presentingcompanies with a platform abounding with opportunities for businesses aiming atextending their business relations. The success behind the b2fair concept isits ability to provide high quality business meetings that can be carefullyarranged in advance according to the specific interests and concerns fromparticipating companies and organizations coming from all over the world.

Business networkingwith b2fair: a simple and efficient concept enabling optimum results

Thanks to the b2fair matchmaking event, European and internationalcompanies will have the opportunity to network with a significant number ofpotential business partners. The b2fair business exchange platform makes allthis possible with a minimum investment in time and money. After the completionof the online registration, the cooperation profile will be accessible to allthe registered companies participating in the b2fair. After carefully studyingthe cooperation profiles, participants can book business dialogues withnew/potential clients, suppliers or business partners they desire to meet with.

A few days prior to the event, every participating company willreceive its provisional appointment schedule according to the expressed wishesand concerns in order to help the participants capitalize and take maximumadvantage of their business trip and participation in the trade fair.